Our impact


Mottainai is a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret to not waste anything and reuse. KYOKO KIMONO features the Mottainai spirit in her creation with sustainable use of materials. After carefully disassembling the original kimono and obi, KYOKO KIMONO recreates them into jewel-like silk accessories embodying the traditional Japanese spirit in contemporary forms. All of the original fabric is utilized, even the lining; everything is upcycled. There is virtually no waste in the reconstruction process. We are committed to producing long lasting, timeless pieces.


At KYOKO KIMONO, everything from product to packaging is carefully crafted by hand. We also collaborate with local artists and designers who share the same value in the circularity of unused products, making a positive impact to the people and our environment.

Branding & Package design: Studio EMIT

KYOKO KIMONO designs and creates one of a kind upcycled fashion accessories so that the beautiful Japanese kimono patterns are combined differently, making each piece unique.

100% Silk
Kimono silk is a breathable fabric with a gentle and soothing touch. This makes our products cool in the summer yet warm in the winter. All the products at KYOKO KIMONO are 100% silk made from upcycled vintage and antique kimonos which are older than 100 years.

We use recycled paper which is hand screen printed with botanical ink.
Pre-used packaging materials are reused for shippings.

For more info about botanical ink for screen printing, take a look at

The first silk screen printing was made at AGA LAB