Kyoko Kimono concept

The world is full of trend-influenced products. As a reaction I’ve chosen to exclusively create products with a certain meaning and style.

This is the origin of Kyoko Kimono.

When I moved abroad, I rediscovered the beauty of Japanese kimono culture. If I wanted to create something that featured the beauty of kimono, what meaning should I give to it? I found this question very difficult at first. However, the ecological and sustainable way of life and thinking I learned in the Netherlands helped me with generating ideas naturally. Eventually I reached the conclusion that I would use only existing materials and make an absolute minimum of waste to create eco-friendly and sustainable products.

With the basic philosophy established I moved on to developing the style of Kyoko Kimono's up-cycling vintage kimonos and obi. I carefully untie the thread of the kimono to transform it into something that can be used in modern times. Even a kimono that is too stained to wear can be reborn into something new by using the clean parts. I use up even small pieces of kimono fabric. The obi can become versitile accessories by combining with other materials and the form that inspired from the color. I revive everything into a ``one-of-a-kind work'' with new value.

My style extends into the packaging design. The Netherlands and Japan have had a close relationship since the ship De Liefde landed. The waves that the Dutch ship would have sailed though on its journey to Japan are evoked in a gentle and powerful line. This package design is hand printed using silk screening. This manual printing process uses no electricity. I use recycled paper, and shapes and sizes that eliminate waste during the manufacturing process. We even use environmentally friendly botanical ink made from plant-derived ingredients. The black color is printed using a self mixed recipe employing japanese calligraphy ink.

I would be happy if I could share the beauty and concept of Kyoko Kimono with many people.