New display card and sleeve

Kyoko Kimono's display design has changed a lot past couple years.

First of all there was no display card to begin with. The headband would be displayed on the table without wrapping it around a card.

When I participated at the Mono Japan store in Floriade Almere, I designed a card with a logo to wrap the headband around. As an eco friendly company I chose recycled craft paper. I also made a design where the paper didn't need to be cut. I hand folded the printed A4 paper then made a cardboard like a strong display card.
Kyoko Kimono green silk headband on a display card

This design was good for a while. But I knew I needed some change to represent Kyoko Kimono accurately. I asked around for a designer and realized Emi (Studio Emit), my Japanese friend in the Netherlands, was the right person to visualize my brand concept. During the meetings we focused more on how to make my products look more artistic, how far I can go to make a positive impact to the world with this product and how I can make all changes within the budget. After several meetings what we decided on was;

- To choose 1/2 A4 size for a headband display card. It's a perfect size for headbands and produces zero waste.

- To use silk screen printing on the card so that it doesn't use any electricity and waste during the production.

- To use botanical ink instead of normal silk screen printing ink because botanical ink doesn't contain any chemicals.

A friend of mine, Chika (Atelier Chika Ito), is a specialist in botanical ink. I wouldn't have been able to silk screen print so nicely without her help and advice. I would also like to thank AGA Lab supported my whole process of silk screen printing. Thank you to all the people for your help!

Choosing for ecological and sustainable products is not cheap. And it takes more time and effort than normal products. I'm very happy to be able to make sustainable products and I think it's worth the extra costs.