Kyoko Kimono @ Medell Salon Opening SOOOON!!!

I'm Happy to announce Kyoko Kimono is now at Medell Salon in Japan! The brand new Medell Salon is opening soon in November!!

Medell and Kyoko Kimono are working together for some products. Our first collaboration is Obi up-cycle Accessory Belt; obi that can be worn with Kimono, dress, casual clothes, etc. This is how we collaborate; I received pre-selected obi as material from Medell. I picked some obi from different color groups. I designed the obi one by one; first I got inspiration from the original obi color and then I form the desired shape like Origami. I received other materials like obi cord or obi scarf from Medell as well so I used some of those to complete the design. Finally, the reborn Obi receiveed a name.

I'm delighted to be able to show my Obi series in Miyajima in Hiroshima. Because Hiroshima is my home town and Miyajima is where I had a wedding ceremony with my husband.

Congratulations to all the members of Medell on their grand opening and thank you for sharing your love of Kimono with me!

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